About “Lyra group”

It is a furniture manufacturing company established in 1992 that develops and manufactures modern Scandinavian style upholstered furniture. Having started its business with a few tens of employees and the local market today the company “Lyra group” employs more than 400 employees, cooperates with furniture retail chains in Norway, France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and other countries.

Today “Lyra group”, a manufacturer of Scandinavian style upholstered furniture that values its employees and their skills, manages SOFTNORD and SCANDIC brands.We manufacture:
  • Sofas
  • Armchairs
  • Sofa - beds
  • Modular upholstered furniture
Lyra group” is a modern, constantly renewed company, potential of which is demonstrated by continuous development, international recognition, awards and certificates received.

The goal of “Lyra group” is to be a world-class service company that senses the needs of its customers before they name them. We offer our customers the most innovative solutions, the highest quality and the most favourable terms of trade.


Who we are?

A word from the Director of the Company

Dear visitors of our company’s website, I would like to introduce you to changes of “Lyra group” brand.

Rebranding that took place in 2012 marks a significant development of the company “Lyra group”. We have expanded production premises from 14,000 to 35,000 sq. m.

Successful work over the last few years helped “Lyra group” – a company with 20 years of experience – become the international company manufacturing modern Scandinavian style upholstered furniture.

The strategy of LYRA GROUP brand that unifies and represents the company’s business activities is to provide clients with world-class services of furniture manufacturer through the experience gained in different country markets and extensive expertise.

Along with the brand changes, we have introduced “Lyra group” strategy conveying a message to the customers: “Welcome the best”. By saying this, we affirm that customers of “Lyra group” are the best – reliable professionals. At the same time, this message means that our customers have the opportunity to always be at least one step ahead of others, to be market leaders, since “Lyra group” brand represents a team of competent manufacturers and sellers of upholstered furniture as well as the existing capacities.

Due to the new strategy, our customers can expect changes of services and prices.New products are developed and existing products are improved only according to the needs of our customers. One of the first steps in the development of SOFTNORD and SCANDIC brands is a wider range of product choice offered to our customers.

All of our actions are based on a clear principle: welcome you – the best ones. Therefore:

  • You will always be the first to know about our latest products and services.
  • We will always ensure excellent quality that will make you feel strong in the market.
  • We will always submit proposals that meet your needs.

Because you are the best.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility policy of “Lyra group” is based on the overall corporate responsibility policy carried out strictly in accordance with international principles and standards, taking into account challenges and opportunities of local business risks. “Lyra group” believes that corporate responsibility is effective only if integrated into daily work, challenges and is daily accurately controlled like any other business activity.

The goal of the company “Lyra group” is transparent business activities and a full membership in civil society. “Lyra group” complies with international human rights, labour conditions, environmental protection and anti-corruption standards. Our activities promote growth, competitiveness and contribute to a more open society.

Lyra group” distinguishes the following priorities of responsibility, which are closely related to business goals:

  • long-term and consistent development;
  • integrity of business activities of the company and its customers;
  • leadership and staff competency;
  • transparent business activities.

All of these priorities are essential in implementing corporate and social responsibility of the company “Lyra group”.

Vision. Mission. Values

Lyra group” vision provides for ambitious goals that clearly give priority to leadership and business development: we are an international company that develops innovations, that is reliable and friendly to its customers and product users, as well as seeks to become the most reliable business partner in the furniture industry of the Baltic countries.

The mission of “Lyra group” is to provide its customers with a world-class service experience and ensure quality and the best price of its products.
In daily activities each employee of “Lyra group” is guided by the following values:

  • Value creation. The value is created by the entrepreneurial, resourceful, creative ones who focus mainly on customer needs.

  • Respect. We appreciate and respect the experience, knowledge and individuality of our employees. In our business activities we behave professionally and honestly, we act in accordance with the interests of our customers and our company.

  • Implementation of objectives. Decisions are made in order to help us continually innovate and improve ourselves.We value competency and loyalty of employees to the company. We encourage a vibrant business climate with everyone being able to actively contribute to its creation.
Code of Ethics and Conduct

Code of ethics and conduct of “Lyra group” consists of principles complied with by us and we strive to make our business partners follow them. The code is mandatory for each employee.

The code covers the following areas:
  • relationships with customers and business partners;
  • relationships with employees;
  • relationships with society;
  • environmental protection.

Relationships with customers and business partners

We seek to maintain sincere, transparent relationships with our customers and business partners, based on mutual benefit and constructive dialogue. We strive to be a reliable partner and contribute to the success of our customers.
We offer our services and products in good faith. We do not employ unfair or deceptive methods.

We strive to be a reliable partner for suppliers and contractors. We foster long-term cooperation. We also hope that our suppliers and contractors comply with international human rights, labour conditions, environmental protection and anti-corruption standards.
We choose our suppliers only according to value criteria and explain that all of the suppliers must compete for our orders in a fair manner.
Relationships with employees
We understand that business success depends on employees; therefore, we seek to be an attractive employer that engages and helps to improve as well as retains qualified and motivated people in a professional working environment.

 Responsible behaviour with employees is one of the key commitments of a socially responsible employer.
We strive to make the work fulfilling, helping to discover and make use of one’s potential; therefore, we look for the best skills among the employees of our company.

We provide the opportunity to learn and become a professional in one’s field, to develop competencies that could be useful in pursuing a career in the future. We provide our employees with a range of welfare services: several types of insurance and financial support to families; we help to reconcile work and family life.

Lyra group” achieves good results by strengthening dialogue with employees, by complying with the principles of equal opportunities and by promoting family-friendly working conditions.
Relationships with society

We offer the consumers different price levels, so that our products are available and affordable. We undertake initiatives that promote sustainable development of local communities, contribute to the sporting, cultural, economic and social progress. We support communities, organizations, projects, and events. Together with local communities, we deal with issues relevant to local societies.
Environmental protection

Lyra group” aims at reducing the environmental impact. The company directly affects the environment by using material resources, energy and transport. This impact is not significant, inasmuch as the company does not develop production harmful to the environment.

 To make this impact even smaller, the company pays great attention to the implementation of modern and efficient technologies, recycling, transport fleet renewal, efficient use of energy resources, economical use of material resources, and efficient travel arrangements.